Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pot Holder and Hot Pad Swap

I am in my first ever swap and am SO excited! My family is a bit tired of me constantly asking their opinions on color and design. I have decided on the pattern Kaleidoscope Hot Pads by Cylinda Mathews which I found on Ravelry. I am a bit nervous on how it will be received. For a change, I am actually using traditional colors rather than the bright and unusual. I have finished my first one and am happy with it. It is a caramel and chocolate with a baby blue back. Next in line, grey and cream with a red backing. Have a Fabulous Day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sing a Song of Robins

I awoke this morning to the joyful chatter of Robins outside my window. I have been more aware of the songs that fill the air lately. I took the kids on a silent walk to the park to write poetry a couple of weeks ago. The goal was to listen for sounds of life and then write about them. I heard many different songs that birds sing. From the trees as we passed to quieter, more distant calls. I am positive that they have always been here, but why am I more cognizant recently of these joyous creatures?